Inquiry-Based, Standards-Aligned Learning

Propello makes it easier for schools and districts to give every student a first-class learning experience by pairing high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) with embedded student and teacher supports. 

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Say “bon voyage” to stale, ineffective learning.

In a world of TikTok and ChatGPT, the need for personalized, engaging learning experiences is greater than ever. Case in point: 68% of teachers cited low student engagement as the biggest challenge facing education. Source: EdWeek 

That’s why we created Propello. We help educators deliver impactful, engaging learning experiences aligned to state and district standards and personalized for the needs of every learner. 

Together, we help your students build knowledge, curiosity, and a lifelong love of learning—rather than just memorizing words on a page.


Standards-aligned. Anything but standard.

At Propello, our team of former educators is on a mission to empower each student and educator to discover their highest potential—no matter the budget of their school or district.

That's why we've created tools that elevate the learning experience for every student, without adding additional expenses to your budget.


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Accelerate Learning for Every Student

Project and inquiry-based lessons are easily personalized for student needs to improve student outcomes. Lessons build on students’ prior knowledge and provide opportunities to investigate, learn, and showcase applications of new knowledge.

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Improve Critical Thinking Skills

Propello’s lessons encourage students to ask questions, analyze information, and draw their own conclusions. Students have ownership of their learning and learn how to discuss and collaborate with teacher guidance and direction.

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Build a Global Perspective

Real-world applications of knowledge are built-in to the Propello platform to help you prepare students for life beyond the classroom. Students learn to take a global perspective as they explore and learn from the world around them.

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Meet the Needs of Every Learner

Propello's embedded scaffolding and supports make it easier to accommodate every student’s needs to build more equitable learning. Propello includes translations to 100+ languages, read aloud, and differentiated learning.

Equitable Learning That Ensures Every Student Soars

Propello’s embedded supports and automatic scaffolding to help every learner soar. Here’s how we help you better meet the unique needs of each student:


Translations for English Learners

Text translations available in over 100 languages to accommodate the needs of English learners. 

NE USAs Immersive Reader Digital Textbook Feature

Adjustable Reading Levels

Leveled reading to simplify sentence structures for striving readers without watering down concepts. 


Adjustable Text Views

Manageable texts for striving readers with built-in line view control to isolate individual rows of text.



Read-aloud options allow students to control what they hear and how they hear it, from type of voice to the speed of speech.


Visual Glossaries

Embedded illustrated glossaries for visual learners or students new to the English language.


Embedded Grammar Supports

Highlight noun, adverbs, verbs and adjectives to help reinforce and review grammar throughout lessons and activities.

Chart Your Own Course

Students aren’t one-size-fits-all. Curriculum shouldn’t be either. Propello helps you deliver equitable, differentiated learning that’s responsive to the needs of your district, school, and students.


Click-and-Go, Standards-Aligned Content

Save time with high-quality instructional materials expertly crafted to meet your needs—including videos, activities, labs, and more.


Real-World Learning with Project-Based Assessments

PBL gives students a variety of avenues to demonstrate mastery and showcase applications of new knowledge.


Pre-Built Formative and Summative Assessments

Understand where each student is on their journey to master concepts and meet standards.


Hands-On Activities

Inquiry and project-based lessons build engagement and curiosity by allowing students to explore the world around them.


Custom Learning Paths

Easily customize your curriculum’s scope and sequence. Creating a Learning Path is as simple as creating a playlist with an easy drag and drop interface.


Culturally Relevant

Foster inclusivity with culturally relevant materials that featuring diverse authors and perspectives, connecting the classroom with the real world.

Be the Wind Beneath Your Teachers’ Wings.

If the curriculum is an airplane, the teacher is the pilot. And the pilot shouldn’t have to fly solo. Through job embedded supports and ongoing professional development, we help teachers at every level of experience embrace modern instructional strategies that increase engagement and efficacy.


Embedded Teacher Guidance and Supports 


Turnkey Lessons, Activities, and Projects


Ongoing Professional Development
Check Friendly Support Team Ready to Help


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First-Class Learning Without the Baggage

We want to be the wind beneath your wings—not excess baggage that adds to your stress. That’s why we integrate with the tools your school already uses to make implementing and learning Propello fast and easy.

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