Help every student and teacher reach new heights.

Propello's K-12 teaching and learning helps districts and schools give every student a first-class learning experience. Free for teachers. Free for students. 

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Welcome to Propello

First-class learning for every student.

Helping every child reach their full potential is no easy task—especially when each student has unique learning needs and abilities.

That's why we created Propello. The Propello platform combines comprehensive, student-centered, and standards-aligned curriculum—including videos, activities, and assessments—with embedded scaffolding and supports. Quickly and easily adapt lessons to fit the needs of every district, every school, and every learner.

Students and Educators Served Globally


Decrease in Teacher Prep Time


for Teachers to Use

Engaging content designed to ignite a love of learning without burning teachers out.

Student-Centered and Inquiry-Driven

Lessons focus on active learning that encourages students to ask questions, analyze information, and draw their own conclusions. Students have ownership of their learning, with teacher guidance and direction. 

Hands-On Activities & Assessments

Project-based learning gives every student a variety of avenues to demonstrate mastery with multiple opportunities to investigate, learn, and showcase applications of new knowledge. 

Personalized and Engaging Content

Propello's embedded scaffolding and supports include translations to 100+ languages, text to speech, and even 1:1 differentiated learning paths. We make it easier to help each individual student reach their full potential.

Embedded supports + automatic scaffolding to help every learner soar.


Propello's platform is thoughtfully and intentionally designed by educators, for educators. We help you better serve the unique needs of each learner—including English language learners, striving readers, and more.

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"When great teachers leave — or lack the time and resources to deliver the classroom experiences they want — our students lose. And a lack of educator support hurts not only schools but also entire communities.

Propello’s mission is to help every teacher, and in turn every student, reach their full potential. We believe that equipping teachers with the content and support they need to best teach their unique classroom of learners, we can alleviate some of the burden, reigniting a passion for teaching and learning, and in turn, improving student outcomes to impact the world far beyond the classroom.

Amanda-HeadshotAmanda Bratten
Vice President of Content and Curriculum and Former Classroom Teacher

Delivering equitable learning to every student with classroom-ready content that raises the standard while saving teachers time.

“Click and Go” Curriculum

A full year’s worth of comprehensive, standards-aligned, and engaging content—including activities, videos, and more.

Customizable Learning Paths

Propello’s curriculum is quick and easy to personalize to fit the unique needs of every school, class, and even individual students.

Built-In Supports

Need scaffolds? Differentiation? Translations? Propello does the work for you. They’re ready when you (and your students) need them.

Formative Assessments

Easily and quickly understand where every student is in their learning journey in real-time.

Always Up-to-Date

Propello’s content is continually updated by our team of education experts and researchers. No more worrying about lessons being out-of-date. 

Integrations and Support

You're there for students. Propello is here for you.

We integrate with the tools your school already uses to make implementing and learning Propello fast and easy.

We also offer ongoing support and professional development to help you get the most out of our tools, while saving time and growing alongside a community of forward-thinking educators.


Propel every district, school, and student forward.


Our mission is to help every student, across every classroom, in every school reach their full potential, both in school and beyond. We're making it easier for districts to help students reach new heights—no matter the learning differences of the child, the experience of the teacher, or even the budget of the schools.



Personalize Learning



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Engage Every Student




Reduce Teacher Burnout



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Reach New Heights


Explore the Propello Fleet

Crafted by experts, loved by teachers,
and personalized for every student.

Image representing Propello's Middle School Science Curriculum Designed for the NGSS

Propello Science 6-8

Phenomena-based and designed for the NGSS, using the 5E model of inquiry
to inspire the next generation of scientists.

Image Representing Propello's ELA Curriculum for grades 6, 7, and 8

Propello ELA 6-8

Pairing diverse authors, characters, and stories with standards aligned, project-based learning that brings literature to life. 

Image representing Propello's IB MYP Science curriculum

Propello IB MYP Science

Inquiry-driven curriculum designed to fit the requirements of the IB MYP sciences framework.

Elevating the education experience for 4,000,000+
students and educators across the globe.

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