Inclusive learning to help every pupil soar

Like you, we believe high-quality, personalised learning should be accessible to everyone – and Propello makes that possible.

Propello enables you to easily adapt our AQA-aligned and teacher-curated learning content to the unique needs of all pupils, including those with SEND or EAL.

Adaptive resources, flexible functionality, and specialised features foster independence and ensure a positive learning experience inside and outside of the classroom for pupils with diverse needs. 

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An adaptive learning hub

Learn more about how our built-in accessibility tools can help your SEND or EAL pupils, ensuring no child is left behind in their learning journey.


Translations for English learners

Text translations available in over 100 languages to accommodate the needs of English learners.


Adjustable reading levels

Adjustable reading levels simplify sentences without compromising on essential concepts, creating a supportive environment for striving readers and SEND pupils with diverse reading abilities.


Text views

Adjustable views offer manageable text formats and the built-in line view control isolates individual rows of text for a focused, less overwhelming reading experience for pupils who need support navigating complex texts.



The read-aloud option allows pupils to customise their listening experience - from the type of voice to the speed of speech putting pupils who benefit from auditory learning in control.


Visual glossaries

Embedded visual glossaries use illustrated explanations to help visual learners or those new to the English language understand new concepts more easily, enhancing comprehension, and retention.


Grammar supports

Embedded grammar supports highlight nouns, adverbs, verbs, and adjectives throughout lessons and activities, reinforcing grammar concepts with targeted assistance for students working on their language skills.

“Love it. Fantastic for being able to quickly change settings to support pupils with SEND with reading needs such as dyslexia. Excellent for allowing EAL pupils to access content.”
SEND Lead, Secondary School

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Hear from our SEND specialist...

With my varied experience within SEND, I fully recognise the obstacles that pupils with special educational needs and disabilities can encounter. I can also relate to the difficulties classroom practitioners face in sourcing or providing resources which not only meet exam board specification requirements, but provide a fully differentiated approach for all pupils and ensuring a equitable learning experience.

The Propello curricula and platform has been designed with a pupil-centred approach at the forefront, taking into account different accessibility needs and providing personalised features and adaptive materials to support all pupils, in and outside of the classroom, to feel success in their learning.
Within the SEND sector, there are a vast array of platforms and providers creating resources for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities. But what makes Propello unique is that it provides a one-stop for teaching materials, learning resources, formative and summative assessment, and data analysis and reporting – and all exam board specific. 
The data analytics can be used to evidence progress for whole cohorts, classes or individuals, also providing comparison for different pupil groups and their peers. A valuable asset for classroom teachers, heads of subject, SENCOs and senior leaders, to measure the efficacy of previous support, and to track and inform future planning and interventions.

Sarah-Louise Thacker

SEND Lead at Propello


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