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30+ business case studies from household names

Engage your learners by drawing on the products they already know and love. Make use of our extensive bank of brand case studies, from Apple through to Xbox we've got something for everyone.

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With both quantitative and qualitative assessments for Business Studies, we make it easier than ever for pupils to test their knowledge and recall in an engaging way.

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Access more than 100 quizzes covering Business Studies topics, from understanding business ownership to marketing segmentation. Each quiz is designed to engage and educate, making it easy to test and expand your pupils' knowledge in an enjoyable way.

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"We are creating a comprehensive GCSE Business online resource platform, written by teachers with over 20 years’ experience in the education sector. All resources have been specifically aligned with the AQA/Edexcel Business curriculum, providing teachers and students with outstanding, high-quality, engaging, and accessible material to support learning. Lessons are easy to customise to meet the needs of individual students, providing a personalised learning experience that allows all students to fulfil their potential."

Olivia Church

Business Studies Content Writer at Propello


"Our goal is to build content that feels fresh and exciting. By incorporating current business examples in every topic, students can learn and feel inspired at the same time. Propello isn't merely a platform for students to read information; it's a space where they can actively engage with integrated questions, draw inspiration from relevant real-world business examples, and take control of their independent learning journey."

Michelle Jordan

GCSE Business Content Writer at Propello

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