Deliver personalised teaching that sparks joy in learning for every pupil.

A tool for you and your pupils that supports the whole teaching cycle: from lesson prep and delivery to in-class activities, homework, knowledge testing, and more.

Current KS3 and GCSE resources all in one place. At no cost.

Empowering teachers. Inspiring pupils.

More than a digital textbook.

A personalised planning platform for teachers. A dynamic learning environment for pupils.

Propello is a curriculum-aligned planning platform, resource hub, and learning environment in one. 

Bringing together every aspect of the teaching cycle means smart planning at scale, pupil progress at-a-glance, and  delivered in the way that works best for individuals.

  • Curriculum-aligned resources.
  • Up-to-date subject-specific content.
  • Inclusive functionality to support SEND and EAL.
  • Interactive lessons, homework, and revision materials.
  • Progressive learning functionality to suit all learning styles.
  • Exam board-aligned assessments and quizzes.
  • Data dashboard charting individual and cohort progress.
  • Flexible to support online and paper-based activities.

Designed by teachers. Curated by teachers. Trusted by educators.

Propello is shaped by our experiences as former classroom teachers: the challenges, the opportunities,
and our belief in doing the best for education. 

That’s why we offer as much as we can at no cost.

Expert content written by experienced teachers.
Robust, intuitive, teacher-tested platform. 
  ✅ Adaptable features for differentiated learning.
✅ Continually updated to reflect the changing education environment.


“Love it. Fantastic to quickly change settings to support pupils with SEND and reading needs.”
SEND Specialist
"In-built questions with instant feedback allows pupils to test their understanding."
Head of Science
"I love the knowledge organisers. They are great for recall of content and save me time”
Business Studies Teacher

A teaching companion for every learning moment.

Here for teachers

Save time, teach more

Spend more time doing what you love – teaching. Propello streamlines lesson planning by providing ready-to-use, curriculum-aligned resources.

Quality resources, zero research

Our platform offers high-quality teaching and learning materials created and curated by experienced educators – all in one place and at the click of a button.

Flexible and adaptable

Propello is flexible, allowing you to use the content to suit your teaching style and needs. Online or printed out resources, you’re in control.

Here for pupils

Intuitive learning

We break down subjects into easily digestible modules and use modern, real-life case studies, enhancing the learning experience for your pupils, and empowering them to learn at their own pace.

Inclusive pupil support

Adapt resources easily for SEND pupils ensuring all pupils, regardless of ability, can engage with the curriculum at their own pace. Propello includes 100+ language translations, read aloud, and differentiated learning.

Fills knowledge gaps

Pupils can access a range of built-in knowledge boosters including study tips, terminology lists, interactive quizzes, and more. Test their understanding and fill knowledge gaps before they move on further.

Here for schools and MATS

Real time insights

The Insights Dashboard allows you to easily track each pupil's improvement. Rich data informs and supports both cohort and wider school improvement initiatives.

Support for all teachers

Propello is the perfect teaching companion for both subject specialists and those who may be teaching an additional subject for the first time.

Easy integration

Propello integrates easily into a school's MIS software and with software you’re already using such as Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams.


Years of Experience

As a sister company of Nationalencyklopedin (NE) and Brockhaus, we have centuries of education experience.


Students + Educators Served

Together with our sister companies, we serve over 4,000,000 educators and pupils in Europe and the U.S.


Former Educators

Propello is shaped by our experience as former classroom teachers and educators, as well as by our lifelong passion for learning. 

Explore our subjects

“We are building curricula from the ground up with a constant lens on the teachers who need an excellent and intuitive product and on our learners and the varied backgrounds and needs they have. While other curriculum companies are taking their product and retrofitting it to the new landscape of education, we are designing curriculum around the landscape and the people who are living it every day.”

Lisa Thayne

Lead Editorial Manager at Propello and former classroom teacher

Group 1058

Together, the sky’s the limit. Ready to join us?

Never stop learning

We're committed to supporting teachers. Our blogs, resources, guides, and research are created and curated by the Propello team, designed to help you focus on what you love most - teaching.

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