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Bringing RS to life

Propello GCSE RS gives equal focus to preparing pupils for exams and developing a deeper appreciation of religious traditions and ethical considerations.

Carefully considered content puts enquiry at the heart of learning and asks 'the big' questions that link RS with everyday life, adding relevance to pupils' learning and fostering deep understanding.

Why Propello GCSE RS?

A GCSE-aligned digital resource hub

Content mapped to the GCSE AQA specification makes it simple to prepare a schedule of study without sourcing further material. Teacher-curated resources are regularly updated to provide reliable, robust content for pupils.

Support for RS experts and non-specialists

Subject-specific content means RS specialists and those teaching outside their expertise can confidently prepare GCSE-aligned lessons, deliver classroom activity, set homework, quizzes and monitor progress.

Content with real substance

Comprehensive and engaging RS content gradually builds on pupils’ foundational knowledge to support progression, continuity, coherence, breadth, and balance in pupils’ learning.

Progress made possible outside the classroom

Quick-to-plan, personalised content assignment and ready-made homework activities mean you can support pupils’ progression outside the classroom – perfect for limited curriculum time.

Cultivate critical thinking for exam success

Hear from our RS specialist...

"Religious Studies is an essential subject, and not just statutorily-speaking. Every student needs and deserves a solid grounding in this fascinating and endless-rich subject to both equip them for life in a multi-religious and multi-secular global society, and to stimulate their intellectual curiosity about big moral, philosophical, and religious questions.

Alas, RS is all too often squeezed to the margins of the curriculum, and frequently the challenge of teaching this complex subject is given to non-specialists. Propello addresses this by providing robust, reliable, and well-resourced RS content for GCSE that is ready to go. It is designed to reduce the burden of planning and enable teachers to do what they do best – teach.

Most importantly, it aims not just to propel students to academic success but to engage, intrigue and inspire them."

Lara Phillipps

RS Content Writer at Propello

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