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Meet Peter Taylor, at Green Rise School

Mr Taylor is Head of Science at Green Rise School. He and his team are always on the lookout for new and refreshing ways to bring Science to life for his KS3 and GCSE pupils. Mr Taylor's colleagues use Propello to help them teach Geography, Religious Studies, and Business Studies.



Curriculum-aligned resources

Mr Taylor is teaching GCSE Science this term. For the next two weeks, he wants to focus on Cell Biology. He logs in to Propello, chooses the Biology module and views the units, all helpfully aligned to the AQA specification. 

cell_structure_moduleDynamic lessons

On Friday, Mr Taylor wants to cover ‘Cell Structure’. This digital unit contains an overview of the key concepts, as well as up-to-date classroom resources, videos, and quizzes to bring the subject to life for his pupils. 


Tailoring resources to needs

Mr Taylor can easily assign learning materials to a class, a pupil or group of pupils, based on their learning needs. He also prints a new case study for use in the classroom. He’s ready for his lesson. 


Easy, quick and accurate

He shares the path via Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams or email. It saves him hours of searching multiple sites, and he knows he’s got expert resources, written, and edited by teachers like him. All in one handy place.


Engaging learning in class

Mr Taylor’s pupils immerse themselves in Cell Structure. Interactive features such as terminology lists, tips, and trivia, help pupils add depth to their learning.


Inclusive functionality

Mr Taylor knows he’s supporting all pupils, whatever their needs. Amy’s adjusted her text view to help her read. Maksym’s reading a Ukrainian translation. Hamza’s smiling as the visual glossary helped him grasp a tricky concept. 


Data informs teaching

After the lesson, his data dashboard shows that two pupils need to work on their cell structure labelling, so he sets some additional reading.  And the whole class needed more time on bacterial cells, so he’ll recap that before moving on. 


Inspiring learning for all

All of this is free, to all teachers. But as Mr Taylor's school has upgraded to Propello’s Insights plan, he can also review, report and act on pupils’ overall progress. Best of all? He’s delivered personalised teaching that sparks joy in learning for every pupil. 

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