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"Planning, resources, instant feedback and additional resources linked to specific exam boards all on one platform . Massively reduces workload."
Angela Cruikshank
"It saves you so much time. It means that more energy can be put into actual teaching rather than the preparation."
Karl Owen
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With over 120 end of article assessments and end of unit assessments for Religious Studies, we make it even easier than ever for pupils to test their knowledge and recall in an engaging way.

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Children love games, and Kahoot! makes learning fun. We offer over 100 quizzes covering Religious Studies topics, from The Nature of God to Sin and Salvation. Each quiz is designed to engage and educate, making it easy to test and expand your pupils' knowledge in an enjoyable way.


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"As a teacher with over 16 years' experience, we've ensured that the curriculum and the materials have been developed from the perspective of a classroom practitioner, and with the varied needs of the student at the forefront. We have carefully designed an engaging KS3 and KS4 Science curriculum that develops students’ skills, knowledge and understanding from KS2, and effectively prepares them for the challenges of KS5 science.

Pupils have the opportunity to consolidate their understanding of the key fundamental concepts of science, whilst building their working scientifically skills and developing a broader knowledge of science and its application in real-life.

The curriculum not only meets the content and requirements of the national curriculum, but closely follows the AQA separate sciences specifications, providing the depth and rigour, which will enable students to apply their skills and understanding to different contexts in examinations but also in their day-to-day lives."

Sarah-Louise Thacker

Science Content Writer at Propello

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