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A free ChatGPT getting started guide for teachers and school administrators—including 20 free ChatGPT prompts, screenshots, and more.
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Chapter 4: ChatGPT How-To Guide

A step-by-step ChatGPT getting started guide including screenshots.

Chapter 5: 20 ChatGPT Prompts for Teachers

Bring ChatGPT to life in your classroom with 20 prompts for educators.

"K-12 schools need to be aware that tools like ChatGPT are still under active development. There may be biases in the answers provided which can be misleading to pupils at best, offensive at most. There's also no guarantee that these tools will always be available when pupils need them, or that they will remain free of charge. I encourage teachers to have a backup plan when relying on AI tools and to be ready to discuss the concerns pupils may have directly with them."

Dr. Thomas Lancaster
Dr. Thomas Lancaster
Senior Teaching Fellow in Computing, Imperial College London

"The emergence of ChatGPT has completely changed the educational landscape. No longer will simple reading and writing activities, such as regurgitating basic facts into a formulaic essay, pass as rigorous instruction. Now, perhaps more than ever, inquiry-based instructional tools are worth their weight in gold."

Al Lewis
Al Lewis
Superintendent of Schools


“ChatGPT has been most helpful in teaching voice in writing. We used it to write paragraphs and essays using prompts the students have already written about and then do writing workshops examining voice, diction, and syntax among the AI and student-written essays. It has been helpful for students to see how the author's voice and style are crucial to conveying meaning in writing. We also then compare some essays to the College Board rubrics, which helps students see the elements they need to focus on in their papers more clearly.”

Kolbe Ricks
Kolbe Ricks
AP English Literature and Composition and OnRamps Rhetoric teacher at Sunset High School

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