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Propello ELA 6-8 

Featuring diverse voices, real-world connections, and embedded differentiation, Propello ELA 6-8 is designed to meet Common Core standards while allowing students to build knowledge through authentic engagement with reading and writing.

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There's a better way to teach reading and writing.

Should you teach for the test? Or should you teach to build your students' love of reading and writing? Sometimes it can feel like an either/or decision.

We designed Propello ELA 6-8 curriculum to allow educators to do both with ease. Our standards-aligned lessons allow for multi-modal exposure to key skills in ways that meet standards, allow for flexibility, and engage students.

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Build engagement by helping every student feel seen. 

When lessons feel more authentically connected to students' backgrounds and interests, they're more likely to engage and more willing to learn. Propello features a diversity of characters, text styles, and perspectives—and creates opportunities for both student and teacher choice—to help your students make connections across fiction, non-fiction, the real world, and fantasy.

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A new level of differentiation.

Meeting the unique needs and accommodations of every learner is harder than ever, yet it's key to improving student engagement and outcomes. Propello embeds scaffolding and supports to help students learn while saving teachers time. Texts come with multiple reading levels. Project-based assessments and writing extensions have skill-based differentiation built in.

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An ELA curriculum that meets standards and exceeds expectations.

How Propello's ELA 6-8 Curriculum Helps Students and Teachers Soar


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