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Propello Science 6-8 

Unlock and channel student curiosity to spark engagement and build knowledge. Build the next generation of scientists prepared to thrive in life beyond the classroom.

Serving 4,000,000 Students and Teachers Globally

Science learning resources that meet standards and exceed expectations.


Real-World Connections

Students build knowledge and skills today that will help them succeed in the globally connected careers of tomorrow.


Centered on Students

Increase engagement and accelerate outcomes through student-centered instruction that builds lifelong learners.


Elevates Teaching

Ongoing training, embedded guides and support, and growing Knowledge Hub give teachers wings so students can soar.

When students explore, they soar.

Propello Science 6-8  takes a customized, hands-on approach to learning. Each unit is anchored by a real-world phenomenon, incorporating discourse, experimentation, and research to spark curiosity and engagement.

Through our collaborative, multi-modal, active hands-on learning, educators build the students of today into the scientists and engineers of tomorrow.

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Build engagement by helping every student feel seen. 

When lessons feel more authentically connected to students' backgrounds and interests, they're more likely to engage and more willing to learn. Propello features diverse perspectives and culturally relevant lessons to help your students make connections to build knowledge.

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A new level of differentiation.

Meeting the unique needs and accommodations of every learner is harder than ever, yet it's key to improving student engagement and outcomes. Propello embeds scaffolding and supports to help students learn while saving teachers time. Texts come with multiple reading levels and project-based assessments have skill-based differentiation built in.

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How Propello's Science 6-8 Curriculum Helps Students and Teachers Soar

“We are building curricula from the ground up with a constant lens on the teachers who need an excellent and intuitive product and on our learners and the varied backgrounds and needs they have. While other curriculum companies are taking their product and retrofitting it to the new landscape of education, we are designing curriculum around the landscape and the people who are living it every day.”

Lisa Thayne

Lead Editorial Manager at Propello and former classroom teacher

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