Middle School Science Supplemental Curriculum

Help Curiosity Soar with Propello’s Inquiry-Based Science Booster Packs

Ready to bring more inquiry-based learning to your science classrooms but not sure where to start? Propello’s Inquiry-Based Science Booster Packs are just the ticket. Standards-aligned and classroom-ready, they’re the perfect complement to any curriculum.


Take Inquiry-Based Learning from Theory to Action

The data shows that inquiry-based learning has positive benefits on student achievement. Yet sometimes, it can feel like bringing inquiry to life is easier said than done.

Incorporating inquiry can be messy and frustrating. But it doesn't have to be. Inquiry-based learning is a dial—not a switch. And it doesn't have to be all or nothing.




No matter where your district is on its inquiry journey, Propello helps students actively engage in the learning process with high-quality, phenomena-based, 5E instructional materials.


Build Knowledge


Our Booster Packs enrich understanding and incorporate culturally relevant topics to making complex concepts accessible and exciting.

Boost Engagement

Boost Engagement

Our inquiry-based approach sparks curiosity, increases collaboration, and makes students active learning participants.

Increase Accessibility

Increase Accessibility

Our Booster Packs help meet the unique needs of every student with embedded supports, and and a price that fits any district's budget.

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Support Teachers

Save your teachers time while ensuring lesson quality with classroom-ready content that is created and vetted by experts.

Ditch the Supplemental Curriculum Turbulence

Many of the piecemeal supplemental solutions teachers turn to result in a bumpy ride. A recent ASCD study discovered that the supplemental instructional materials teachers turn to often:

1: Are not aligned with standards.

2: Are low quality.

3: Have low depth of knowledge.

4: Include few, if any, learner supports.


With Propello’s Inquiry-Based Science Booster Packs, you can rest assured that the instructional materials your science teachers use are:


What do Booster Packs include?

Classroom Ready Lessons-1

Click-and-Go, Classroom-Ready Lessons

Save teachers time while ensuring quality with expert-created, standards-aligned lessons.


Diverse Topics

Our Booster Packs cover a wide array of captivating science topics, ensuring every student finds their passion.

Real-World-VideosReal-World Phenomena Videos

Captivating, real-world science mysteries spark curiosity and set the stage for scientific exploration.

Hands-On-ActivitiesHands-On Activities and Labs

Get hands-on with science through interactive experiments and labs that make learning exciting and memorable.

Diverse-Assessment-ToolkitFormative, Summative, and Project-Based Assessments

Measure progress, encourage creativity, and increase equity with our diverse assessment toolkit.

EmbeddedSupportsEmbedded Student Scaffolding and Supports

Every lesson includes translations to 100+ languages, leveled text, read-aloud capabilities, and more.

Be the Wind Beneath Your Teachers’ Wings

When it comes to bringing inquiry-based learning to life, your teachers are in the pilot’s seat—but they shouldn’t have to fly solo. With classroom-ready content, easy customization, and embedded guidance, Propello’s Booster Packs save teachers time while boosting their craft.

How Propello helps your teachers navigate the skies of inquiry-based learning:

  • Embedded teacher guidance supports teachers in leading engaging, productive lessons
  • Robust onboarding that goes beyond "This could've been an email." We'll share our Intro to Inquiry course, as well as best practices for getting the most out of Propello's tools.
  • Friendly and thorough support from educators that have walked in their shoes

A Sneak Peek of What You’ll Find Inside


Life Science: Our Amazing Human Armor

Ignite your students’ curiosity with this lesson and inquiry lab, comparing human skin to the protective suits worn by ancient warriors.


Physical Science: Super Airbag

Discover how airbags are inflated by using vinegar and baking soda to engage students in observing the chemical reactions that inflate airbags.


Earth/Space Science: Season's Energy

Ever wonder why summer days are getting shorter and cooler? This inquiry activity uses flashlights to explore the reasons behind the changing seasons.


Let’s take your district’s science classes to new heights.

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