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Prep Faster

Propello gives you everything you need including comprehensive, standards-aligned content, activities, labs, and more.

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Personalize Learning

Propello includes embedded supports like language translations, leveled texts, and read aloud to better meet every student's needs.


Build Engagement

Propello makes it easier to deliver engaging inquiry and project-based lessons that get your students excited to learn.

Build knowledge, engagement, and a global perspective.

Propello helps you ensure that every student in your class receives the quality instruction and embedded supports and accommodations they need to be successful. Our student-centered curriculum builds on students' prior knowledge with real-world, culturally relevant, and hands-on learning.

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Understand where students need additional help.

Through ongoing and frequent formative, summative, and project-based assessments, you'll gain a deeper understanding of student progress and spot problems early—while there's still time to correct them.

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No more flying solo.

Propello's high-quality and standards-aligned lessons include time-saving planning tools, teacher guides, home connection letters, and supports such as real-time chat. 

How Propello Helps You and Your Students Soar


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