More engagement. Less turbulence.

Propello combines engaging, standards-aligned curricula with tech and tools that make it easy to personalize learning for every student in minutes—not hours.


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For teachers

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Centered on Students

Engaging today's students requires a fresh approach to teaching and learning. Propello sparks their joy of learning, without burning teachers out.

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Supportive of Teachers

The biggest factor in student achievement is the teacher. That's why we didn't just build a curriculum—we also built the supports teachers need to be effective.

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Focused on Equity

From our approachable pricing to our built-in student supports to our culturally relevant lessons, we believe every child deserves a high-quality education.

How Propello Works

Propello helps students, teachers, and districts meet their strategic and academic goals. Here's how it works.

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Create your course

Propello includes comprehensive, high-quality, standards-aligned, expert-designed, multi-modal curriculum. Activities, projects, assessments, and more are there for you at a click.

6-Custom Learning Paths

Make it your own

Customize the scope and sequence to meet the needs of your students and district, all through a simple drag and drop experience.


Monitor student progress

Formative, summative, and project-based assessments allow teachers and district leaders to evaluate student knowledge and mastery in real time. 


Adapt and personalize for every learner

Embedded supports and scaffolding improve classroom accessibility and equity.  With translations to 100+ languages, leveled reading, visuals, text-to-speech, and more, teachers have tools to serve the unique needs of every student.

Helping every district, school, and student soar.

Propello is thoughtfully designed by educators, for educators.

First-class learning without the baggage.

We've designed Propello to be easy to implement, easy to learn, and easy to use. We have integrations with the tools you already rely on and a support team that loves to help educators thrive.

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Why Propello?

Our crew members share why they're passionate about Propello.

“Equipping teachers with the content and support they need to best teach their unique classroom of learners can help reignite a passion for teaching and learning, and in turn, improve student outcomes to impact the world far beyond the classroom.”
Amanda-Bratten, VP of Content and Curriculum at Propello
Amanda Bratten
VP of Content + Curriculum, Propello US
"We've used our thousands of hours of classroom expertise to combine high-quality content with assessments and accessibility tools to give you everything you need to deliver truly inclusive, time-saving, and exciting lessons, every day."
jo Tillson
Jo Tillson
VP of Content + Curriculum, Propello UK
"Propello fosters critical thinking and creates globally-minded citizens, all while reducing teacher planning time with user-friendly, intuitive features. We've made it our mission to support teachers in their pursuit of excellence."
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William Chasse
Education Partnership Manager, Propello

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