Free Total Solar Eclipse Lessons for Middle School Science Teachers

Looking for an engaging, inquiry-based science activity for the upcoming total solar eclipse? Equip yourself with your glasses and complete your Total Solar Eclipse Classroom Kit with our NGSS-aligned lessons!
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Engaging and Interactive Lessons

Our free solar eclipse lessons are designed to engage and excite middle school science students. Our lessons are hands-on, student-centered, and aligned to standards.

Engaging and Interactive Lessons

Aligned to NGSS Standards

Just like all of the instructional materials you’ll find in Propello, these lessons on solar eclipses are standards-aligned, so you can be sure that your students are learning the most up-to-date information.

Free Eclipse Lessons for You

Our solar eclipse lessons are classroom ready. Simply fill out the form to access instant, printer-ready PDFs. Our lessons are designed for educators, by educators—and always vetted for quality and consistency.

Propello offers diverse activities with scaffolding, ensuring all students can access content and standards with or without a teacher.


Track the Path of Totality

We've got you covered with this interactive eclipse map—get access to all of the info you'll need to ensure the best viewing experience.


Designed to Help Teachers and Students Soar

Propello combines high-quality, standards-aligned instructional materials with embedded teacher and learner supports to help students and teachers reach new heights. 
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