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Spring Into Reading: Must-Read Book Ideas for 2024

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Welcome back, book lovers!  With the clocks springing forward, we may have found ourselves with an hour less of sleep. But with Spring Break on the horizon, we can perhaps find time for some captivating reads.

Building upon the momentum of last year's must-read book list, we asked members of our crew what education books, past and present, they keep on their shelves. We're happy to share those titles, and some ideas on how they can benefit you and your teams when it comes to engaging students and deepening learning. That's what we're all about, of course!

A Spring Break Book?

March not only marks the beginning of spring, but for many, it also brings with it the much-anticipated spring break. Whether you're jetting off to a sunny destination or enjoying a staycation, there's no better time to dive into a good book as an educator than during this rare moment without all of the chaos of the classroom.

Our curated list for 2024 includes a variety of education-related genres to suit your reading preferences, ensuring you have the perfect companion for your springtime adventures.

A Book Study...With Credit!  

Love reading about education…but want to completely unplug this Spring Break? We get that too!  Here’s an idea for when you’re back at school: a campus book study. If you’ve ever been part of one, you know it’s a great way to dive into a subject with peers…and if it’s online, you can make it fit your schedule.  

Best of all, if your district allows, book studies can count for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) hours - which make them awesome options for summer professional learning.  

The 2024 Book List

Without further adieu, here are our picks for our 2024 education book list.

Making Meaning in English: Exploring the Role of Knowledge in the English Curriculum by David Didau

The science of reading taught us the value of knowledge in reading foundations, but what knowledge needs to be taught in the English classroom beyond phonics and vocabulary?

Didau offers an epistemology of the types of knowledge used in an ELA classroom. And he considers the disciplinary lenses of metaphor, story, argument, pattern, grammar, and context to point to key pieces of powerful knowledge that will best allow students to make meaning, interpret texts, and grow in their mastery of literature and the English language.

Responsive Teaching by Harry Fletcher-Wood

Educational researcher and history teacher Harry Fletcher-Wood focuses on common issues educators face in the classroom, examining them through an evidence-based lens. He then provides practical advice and offers examples of effective  solutions, backed up by teachers who have deployed those techniques in their own practice.

Demystifying Professional Learning Communities: School Leadership at its Best by Kristine Kiefer Hipp and Jane Bumpers Huffman

Professional Learning Communities (PLC) are a powerful tool that impacts a campus, providing a rich environment for collaboration between educators and powerful learning for students.  But as a concept, it has often been historically misunderstood.

In this book, education researchers Hipp and Huffman examine the PLC concept, offer frameworks for applying and assessing it on a campus, and present three case studies of schools who have done so successfully. 

Never Work Harder Than Your Students by Robyn R. Jackson

Now in its second edition, researcher, administrator and  National Board-certified English teacher Robyn R. Jackson breaks down how teachers can adopt mindsets and strategies  that empower student learning while maximizing teachers’ time and techniques.

For teachers and administrators looking for ways to make learning more student-centered, this book is a helpful resource.

Summing It Up

As we embrace the longer days and warmer weather of spring, we hope you'll find some inspiration in our 2024 book recommendations. Whether you're taking advantage of some down time during Spring Break, planning your summer professional learning, or just want to explore some ideas as you start thinking about next school year, we know you'll find something valuable in these titles. 

Happy reading, and here's to a spring and summer filled with literary adventures!

More Great Resources for Reading!  

Another great resource is the National Science Teacher Association’s (NSTA) bookstore. Speaking of NSTA, we're eagerly anticipating seeing everyone attending in Denver for their spring national conference on March 20-23, 2024.

Be sure to drop by booth #863 or one of our sessions listed below to engage in lively discussions about the Propello crew’s favorite reads (and share your own)!

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