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Appreciating Our Teachers All Year Long

It’s that time of the year again. With exams and evaluations right around the corner, it’s an incredibly stressful few months for our educators. Teachers work tirelessly to help their students succeed, often without recognition or appreciation. That's why it's important to take the time to show your gratitude and let them know they are valued. Let’s explore some creative and simple ways that you can appreciate your teachers, not just for one week, but throughout the school year.

  • Offer to cover a class for your teachers. This can give teachers a brief break while also making and strengthening meaningful connections with your campus’ students.

  • Give them a special “relaxation” zone. Setting aside a space in the breakroom where teachers can relax and recharge. Amenities such as snacks and comfortable seating can mean a lot when they don’t have a class or a meeting. If you can arrange for specialists (such as a massage therapist to come in and give 5 minute chair massages) all the better!

  • They say the way to one’s heart is through their stomach. Providing lunch on special occasions like the last day before holiday break, birthdays, or testing days are a great way to appreciate your teachers. 

  • Send a personalized card. Whenever you are able, send a personally written note of thanks or appreciation to teachers who have caught your attention. A handwritten note or card is a thoughtful way to recognize teachers for their dedication and hard work throughout the year. Small tokens of appreciation such as these can make a huge difference in morale and motivation. 

  • Provide teachers with copying services. You can arrange for the PTA or student volunteers to carry out the task of copying any necessary materials that your teacher may need. Setting up a system with instructions and expectations can help to automate the process and save lots of time for your teachers that would otherwise go toward waiting on the copy machine. 

  • Recognize your teachers by giving out small gifts or prizes. Whether  small gifts like chocolates, flowers, or gift cards, these small gestures are always appreciated and don’t go unnoticed.

  • Have students create artwork dedicated to or write letters to their teacher(s). Encouraging students to express their appreciation through art or writing is a great way to pay tribute to educators not just at the end of the school year, but at any time. 

  • Organize “thank you notes” from parents & students sent directly via email/mail/etc. Showing your staff members how much they are appreciated by parents & students alike is another great way to honor them at the end of this school year. Parents & students can craft heartfelt thank you notes expressing gratitude & admiration towards educators who have gone above-and-beyond throughout this past academic term.

  • Participate in “Teacher Appreciation Week” (May 3 - 7th). National Teacher Appreciation Week provides administrators with yet another opportunity show gratitude towards those who dedicate themselves daily towards educating our youth - whether it's through hosting events & activities during this week or simply sending out cards letting educators  know how much they are appreciated - there's no doubt that Teacher Appreciation Week offers yet another chance to shout out our love & support for our educators!

Teachers deserve our respect and appreciation for their hard work and efforts in shaping our future generation. They inspire us, guide us, and support us in ways that have a lifelong impact on our lives. In our busy lives, it can be easy to take them for granted or forget to thank them for everything they do. We hope the suggestions above help spark some ideas on how you can actively show your support for them.