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Deepening Learning with Discourse

Teachers these days face a massive challenge - low student engagement. In fact, a whopping 68% of teachers consider this as the greatest challenge in education today. Igniting the curiosity of a classroom comprised of students from varying backgrounds, with varying abilities, interests, and attention spans clearly requires a new approach entirely.

How can we recapture the attention, energy, and excitement of a new generation of students? How can we take their focus off of their phones and onto our lessons? How can we help meet the needs of every learner to build career-ready students that thrive in a social media, artificial intelligence-filled world?

Enter academic discourse - an approach where educators, through curriculum and instruction, facilitate discussions that promote critical thinking and reasoning across various academic disciplines. By engaging in discourse-driven instruction, students learn how to communicate effectively, ask questions, defend their arguments, and propose solutions.

Propello's new resource, Deepening Learning with Discourse: A Guide to Bringing Inquiry Into the Classroom, is now available and packed with insights and valuable strategies on discourse-driven instruction. Within this book, we’ll share tools, techniques, and approaches you can use to bring discourse to your classrooms. Discourse and Accountable Talk can help students become effective communicators that excel in critical thinking and reasoning - skills that will benefit them across academic disciplines and prepare them for future careers. No matter your level of familiarity with discourse-driven instruction, we’ve designed our guide to offer helpful, actionable steps that you can use to bring academic discourse into your school or district.Deepening Learning with Discourse

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