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High-Quality Instructional Materials for Educators

There’s no denying a great teacher can make a world of difference in a student’s educational experience, but they can’t do it alone. Research shows curriculum also has a significant influence on student outcomes, regardless of educator experience and skill level. And teachers who don’t have access to high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) are at a disadvantage.

Educators who aren’t equipped with HQIM have to work much harder to create content that aligns with standards and meets district and state goals. This places an even heavier burden on teachers already at risk of burnout and contributes to higher turnover rates, which directly impacts assessment scores and threatens district funding.

On the flip side, getting HQIM into teachers’ hands can substantially improve student outcomes. A 2017 study published in the American Economic Journal found the effect of high-quality instructional materials on learning is the same as moving from an average-performing teacher to one in the 80th percentile.

In other words, by investing in high quality instructional materials (HQIM), numerous educational challenges can be overcome effectively.

What Are High-Quality Instructional Materials?

High-quality instructional materials (HQIM) are content-rich educational materials that are:

  • Standards-aligned, up-to-date, readily accessible, and easy-to-use.

  • Highly engaging and designed to meet the needs of students across a spectrum of cultures and abilities.

What is the Impact of High Quality Instructional Materials?

Here are just a few of the benefits schools experience when leveraging HQIM:

Increase time savings for teachers

Teachers with easy access to compelling, relevant, and high-quality content can quickly create engaging lesson plans that get students excited about learning. When teachers don’t have to hunt down instructional materials elsewhere or reinvent the wheel every time the curriculum changes, they can reallocate their time and energy to other meaningful efforts within the classroom.

Enhance focus on student interaction

Teachers without access to HQIM spend hours each week scouring the internet and other resources for materials to support their lesson plans. But when HQIM is readily available, they can spend that time interacting with students. And when teachers have access to materials designed for all types of learners, it helps make those student interactions more meaningful.

Improve student mastery of materials and assessment scores

Quality instructional content has a profound effect on students’ learning. Immersive and stimulating materials support mastery of materials, increase assessment scores, and help close learning gaps.

In fact, The New Teacher Project (TNTP) found that when students who started the year a grade level behind their peers had access to stronger instruction, they closed those gaps by six months.

Decrease in educator burnout

HQIM helps address factors leading to teacher burnout and high turnover rates, such as inadequate support and poor preparation. High-Quality Instructional Materials (HQIM) not only save teachers' time and energy but also empower them, reducing everyday challenges that could potentially distract from meaningful student connections.

Characteristics of High-Quality Instructional Materials

What’s the difference between underperforming curriculum content and high-quality instructional materials?

We’ve discovered seven characteristics that define HQIM:

Engages all students at all levels

HQIM includes curriculum content that encourages and supports creativity, independence, and deep thinking for students at all levels.

Inspires teachers and supports collaboration

HQIM inspires teachers to think outside the box, collaborate across teaching teams, and share best practices.

Adaptable and easy to tailor to student needs

HQIM can be customized for students at different levels and effortlessly rearranged at the teacher’s discretion.

Fosters a culture of learning

A survey by EdReports found that the typical professional development teachers receive offers little-to-no preparation for implementing curriculum. But HQIM supports student learning as well as ongoing professional development for teachers.

Supports classroom community

HQIM is designed to cultivate a classroom environment where teachers and students participate in collective debate, discussion, and discovery together,

Drives better outcomes at every level

Your instructional content should have an impact beyond individual students and classrooms. HQIM also improves school and district outcomes.

Increases equity

The best curriculum content sets the floor for the instructional level. No matter a teacher’s tenure or skill level, HQIM gives teachers something to fall back on and ensures all students receive top-quality instruction.

Selecting a High-Quality Instructional Materials Provider

In addition to evaluating the content, it’s also crucial you consider the company that develops and provides your high-quality instructional materials. Opt to partner with an organization committed to driving better outcomes and sparking joy in the classroom.

Look for an HQIM provider that…

Recognizes teachers’ pain points

No one understands teachers' needs and challenges as well as their peers. Ask whether real educators are involved in content development and if the provider assists teachers in implementing their high-quality instructional materials.

Produces engaging and relevant material

If the content is dry or outdated, it will be much more challenging for teachers to get students excited about learning or connect lessons to current events. Make sure the provider creates intuitive, captivating material.

Ensures materials that align with standards

Less than 20% of the materials used in classrooms align with current standards, according to EdReports. When comparing HQIM providers, ensure you’re working with an organization committed to high standards.

Allows for materials to be adapted, augmented, or resequenced

When instructional materials are inflexible, it can be difficult for teachers to tailor lesson plans to students’ needs or district objectives. Make sure the provider you choose allows users to enhance and rearrange materials and units as they see fit.

Includes the ability to gather insights on individual students

You don’t want to wait for standardized assessments to determine whether students have mastered the material or need a different level of support. Opt for a provider that offers access to actionable, data-driven insights.

Creates materials with today’s unique challenges in mind

The world is rapidly changing, and curriculum material developed even a few years ago may no longer be practical or relevant. Choose a provider that adapts their high-quality instructional materials for modern needs, such as hybrid and distance learning models.

Great customer service

A Harvard study comparing math achievement growth by textbook concluded that curriculum is not a game changer on its own. In other words, HQIM alone isn’t enough to move the needle within your school. You also need a provider dedicated to ensuring you’re getting the full value of your investment and maximizing your student impact.

Why Choose Propello for High-Quality Instructional Materials?

Unlike many other HQIM providers, Propello puts teachers in the pilot’s seat. Our team is committed to evolving with teachers and supporting schools through ongoing challenges, helping schools achieve equity across classrooms, and serving diverse learners.

Led by a team of former educators and lifelong learners, Propello understands the unique obstacles facing teachers and designs curriculum materials that improve outcomes for everyone involved.

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