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Propello Named to State of Oregon’s Adopted Instructional Materials List

Propello is proud to announce that our middle school science curriculum has been named to the State of Oregon’s Approved Instructional Materials list, as announced in a recent K-12Dive story. The Oregon State Board of Education emphasized that it is focused on better meeting the needs of the “fundamental shift from learning about a science topic to figuring out why or how something happens.

The Adopted Science Instructional Materials List features tools and materials that have undergone a rigorous review process, ensuring alignment with standards, cultural responsiveness, and adherence to evidence-based practices. This list, dedicated to ensuring high-quality instructional materials (HQIM), aims to provide all students and classrooms with access to top-notch learning experiences. Propello Science 6-8 for Oregon stands out by offering a pathway to student-centered and inquiry-driven learning through the research-backed 5E model of instruction. 

Our CEO and Founder, Hubert Kjellberg, emphasized our company's commitment to providing engaging, inquiry-driven materials at an accessible price point for virtually any school district. He shared, “That is what Propello is all about - giving all students the opportunity to build knowledge and understanding through curiosity and engagement, not lecture and memorization.”

As Oregon classrooms prepare to embrace these materials by Fall 2024, this partnership between Propello and the state demonstrates a commitment to fostering the next generation of scientists and global citizens that think critically and work collaboratively.. 

Interested in bringing Propello Science for Oregon 6-8 to your school or district? Learn more: