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ChatGPT: Friend, Foe, or Frenemy? Download your ebook today.

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are advancing rapidly and disrupting the way that traditional methods of teaching and instruction operate.

While ChatGPT may be somewhat new to the scene, AI—as a whole—is not. Professors Leticia Britos Cavagnaro and Ariam Mogos from Stanford’s d.School reminded us in a recent SXSWEdu session that AI is everywhere. It’s walking around all day with us as Siri on our phones. It’s cooling our houses in the form of a smart thermostat. And it’s even driving our cars in the form of autopilot (though, as recent headlines point out, this may still need some perfecting). And when it comes to education, AI has long held promise as the tool to revolutionize the way we approach everything from curriculum to attendance to differentiated instruction.

It seems everyone from EdWeek to ISTE to John Oliver is buzzing about ChatGPT. But what does ChatGPT really mean for educators, administrators, students and our collective societal future?

In our book, "ChatGPT in the Classroom", we’re exploring whether ChatGPT should be viewed as friend or foe, breaking down the implications around equity and ethics, plus sharing some helpful pointers to get you started with your own AI-powered experimentation.

Download your free copy today and find:

  • Pros and cons of using ChatGPT in K-12
  • A step-by-step "how to" guide (including screenshots)
  • 20 ChatGPT prompts for educators