Propello for GCSE Business Studies

Propello is the all-in-one teaching companion for Business Studies specialists and those teaching outside their expertise. AQA and Edexcel GCSE-aligned content and extensive resources in one place provide everything you need for the entire teaching cycle. 

Evolving content means you can keep up with the changing world of business, making sure lessons are relevant and relatable without time-consuming research. While readymade homework activities keep learning going outside the classroom.

Propello puts materials, features and functionality at your fingertips to inspire young minds and ensure every pupil is assessment-ready regardless of ability.



Elevating the learning experience

Propello GCSE Business Studies empowers teachers to prepare inspiring lessons in less time and supports pupils in mastering complex, real-world business concepts.

With a focus on brands pupils know and love including Disney, Apple, Prime Energy Drinks, SHEIN and H&M, comprehensive content and interactive resources make business trends, theories, and strategies meaningful and more memorable.

Why Propello GCSE Business Studies?

Resources that streamline lesson planning

Resources mapped to AQA and Edexcel make for straightforward lesson prep, saving planning time and giving you confidence that your lessons are building the knowledge and skills needed for assessment.

Business studies for the modern world

A bank of case studies spanning multiple industries and household names makes learning relevant to pupils' lives. It allows them to apply theories and principles learned in the classroom to real-world business scenarios.

Continuously evolving content

Content is continually updated to reflect changing trends as the business environment and practices evolve. Resources shared digitally means the latest developments are covered quickly, keeping learning meaningful.

Easily assign learning materials

Easily assign learning materials to one pupil, a small group or the whole class. Whether it's a full unit of work, or simply an assignment, homework or practice questions, you can tailor dependent on individual learning needs.

Building business acumen

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Hear from our Business Studies specialists...

"We are creating a comprehensive GCSE Business online resource platform, written by teachers with over 20 years’ experience in the education sector. All resources have been specifically aligned with the AQA/Edexcel Business curriculum, providing teachers and students with outstanding, high-quality, engaging, and accessible material to support learning. Lessons are easy to customise to meet the needs of individual students, providing a personalised learning experience that allows all students to fulfil their potential."

Olivia Church

Business Studies Content Writer at Propello


"Our goal is to build content that feels fresh and exciting. By incorporating current business examples in every topic, students can learn and feel inspired at the same time. Propello isn't merely a platform for students to read information; it's a space where they can actively engage with integrated questions, draw inspiration from relevant real-world business examples, and take control of their independent learning journey."

Michelle Jordan

GCSE Business Content Writer at Propello

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