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Propello for KS3 Science 

Propello provides all the resources you need to help pupils build foundational knowledge and understand the key scientific concepts crucial to their development in KS3 – regardless of your Science subject specialism.

Teacher-curated AQA syllabus-aligned content simplifies lesson planning helping you convey big ideas and individual concepts. While dynamic teaching resources encourage scientific enquiry through embedded quizzes, video content, and more.

With Propello as your teaching companion, develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about Science that will support pupils as they move to the next stage of scientific learning.


A springboard to
Science success

Propello KS3 Science curriculum is designed by teachers to create an engaging and challenging framework that prepares learners for further study.

Concepts are coupled with practical and experimental work to bring science to life, making it accessible to pupils and enabling them to link science to the world around them.

Why Propello KS3 Science?

Teacher-curated, always-relevant resources

Ready-made, regularly updated resources such as case studies, experiments, and examples keep content current and relevant to stimulate young minds and help them to better engage with the subject.

Subject support for Science experts and non-specialists

Comprehensive subject-specific content created and continually updated by teachers means Science specialists and those teaching outside their area of expertise can confidently prepare KS3-aligned lessons and monitor progress.

Interactive practice sessions

Through built-in quizzes and assessment, the dynamic learning environment enables pupils to practice, consolidate, and test their knowledge at their own pace, ensuring a good grasp of the scientific ideas covered in KS3.

SEND and EAL-specific support

All KS3 Science content and learning resources are adaptable for SEND and EAL pupils' individual needs. Differentiated learning plans and adapted resources help you give every pupil the best chance of being ready for future studies.

"I have found it all a positive experience. I know our pupils would benefit from using it."
Science Teacher, Secondary School

Building enthusiasm for Science

Hear from our Science specialists...


"As a teacher with over 16 years' experience, we've ensured that the curriculum and the materials have been developed from the perspective of a classroom practitioner, and with the varied needs of the student at the forefront. We have carefully designed an engaging KS3 and KS4 Science curriculum that develops students’ skills, knowledge and understanding from KS2, and effectively prepares them for the challenges of KS5 science.

Pupils have the opportunity to consolidate their understanding of the key fundamental concepts of science, whilst building their working scientifically skills and developing a broader knowledge of science and its application in real-life.

The curriculum not only meets the content and requirements of the national curriculum, but closely follows the AQA separate sciences specifications, providing the depth and rigour, which will enable students to apply their skills and understanding to different contexts in examinations but also in their day-to-day lives."

Sarah-Louise Thacker

Science Content Writer at Propello


"Propello's science resources offer a unique blend of simplicity and efficacy for delving into the diverse aspects of the science curriculum.

The materials ensure accessibility to pupils from varied backgrounds and skill levels, creating an inclusive educational experience for all.

This distinctive feature of Propello's offerings makes it a versatile and valuable resource for both educators and pupils alike."

Max Sears

Science Content Writer at Propello

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