Propello for KS3 Religious Studies




Embedding foundational skills

Propello KS3 RS balances learning about religious doctrines and ways of life with philosophical and ethical issues. 

Designed to develop skills applicable across the humanities and required for GCSE success, resources prompt analysis, critical thinking, ethical reasoning and encourage respectful, constructive discussion.

Why Propello KS3 RS?

Reliable resources in one place

The teacher-curated content covers all you need to prepare and teach quality KS3 RS. Resources are regularly refreshed to reflect the changing world and ensure religious views are balanced and presented sensitively.

Support for RS experts and non-specialists

Subject-specific content means RS specialists and those teaching outside their expertise can confidently prepare KS3-aligned lessons, deliver classroom activity, set homework and launch quizzes to monitor progress.

Unambiguous lesson planning

The curriculum is designed to support, supplement and lay the foundations for a smooth transition to higher-level study. The framework provides robust guidance to simplify lesson planning.

Quality learning beyond the classroom

Help pupils build their RS knowledge at their own pace and when curriculum time is limited. In-built features let you track pupils’ progress and tailor their learning in and out of the classroom.

Building GCSE-ready skills

Hear from our RS specialist...

"At the heart of our Religious Studies KS3 course is a commitment to exploring the interaction between current issues and the multitude of perspectives that influence and shape our world. By bridging the religious and non-religious realms, we strive to provide students with a holistic understanding of diverse viewpoints.

Our RS KS3 program comprehensively explores Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism as religious studies. Additionally, it delves into philosophical and ethical topics, ranging from dissecting the complexities of animal rights to addressing issues of prejudice and discrimination. Moreover, it engages with arguments such as the problem of evil, whether death is the end, the cosmological and design arguments, and more.

The KS3 RS curriculum helps students develop analytical skills and cultivates an understanding of diverse world views, providing crucial support for the AQA GCSE RS course. Our KS3 RS course will empower and prepare students not only for success in education but throughout their life and engagement with the complexities of the human experience."

Kirsty Lyman

RS Content Writer at Propello

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