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Each pilot is structured to suit school settings and varying educational objectives.

While the information provided here outlines a typical pilot, we understand that schools differ. At Propello, we aim to accommodate diverse needs and settings.

We're committed to ensuring you get maximum benefit from Propello. If there's something specific you require, let us know, and our team will do our best to accommodate it.


What to expect from your Propello pilot


Full access to
all features

Explore our complete suite of tools for all classes and year groups.


A bespoke experience

Tailored solutions to fit your school's unique needs and goals.


pilot manager

Guiding you at every step, ensuring a smooth journey.


Staff training and ongoing support

Comprehensive training and continuous support throughout your pilot.

The pilot process

Our pilot programme in six easy steps. All pilots will take around six weeks.

Step 1: Introductory discussion

Meet the Propello team for an in-depth platform overview, Q&A session, and pricing insights.


Step 2: Tailored Pilot Blueprint

Collaborate on a customised implementation plan covering scheduling, classes, grades, and subject alignment.


Step 3: Account set up and onboarding

Seamlessly onboard your staff and students, creating tailored courses and lessons.


Step 4: Interactive staff training

Join us for a concise, 1-hour online session via video call for comprehensive training.


Step 5: Mid-pilot review

A phone call with us to check in halfway through pilot.


Step 6: Final pilot review

Conclude with a comprehensive review session for all stakeholders. Propello presents data and reports while allowing key stakeholders to share feedback.


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