Propello for GCSE Geography 

Propello provides everything you need to prepare and deliver GCSE Geography in-class and in the field. The GCSE-aligned teacher-created content is designed especially to support pupils’ progress. So Geography specialists and those teaching outside their expertise can confidently prepare pupils for assessment. 

Free access to a diverse range of materials means you can easily enrich your teaching for more engaging and varied lessons when budgets are tight. While schemes of work that mirror the exciting and interesting developments in modern Geography are made possible with resources continually updated to stay current. 

Propello helps you ignite curiosity and active participation, putting Geography on the map for more pupils. 



Charting the course to Geography success

Propello GCSE Geography is tailored to the specific requirements of the higher-level curriculum.

Resources and guidance help develop a deeper understanding of advanced concepts and facilitate skill-building activities and fieldwork.

With ready-made, topic-based assessment materials, teachers can prepare pupils for exams and gauge their progress throughout their studies to set them up for GCSE Geography success.

Why Propello GCSE Geography?

Cost-free GCSE aligned resources in one place

Comprehensive teaching resources and dynamic learning tools support a solid understanding of fundamental geographical concepts and encourage the application of theoretical knowledge to practical situations.

Geography skills put into practice

Ready-made activities allow pupils to practice geography skills including cartographic, graphical, numerical and statistical skills, helping them confidently conduct mandatory fieldwork, analyse geographical data, and interpret map-based questions.

Support for mandatory fieldwork

Propello supports teachers in providing at least two geographical enquiries during the course of study using a variety of fieldwork questions and activities embedded in the subject content.

Cohort reporting, individualised learning

The Insights Dashboard means you can track cohort achievement to support whole-school reporting and monitor individual progress to deliver differentiated learning.

Set pupils up for exam success

Hear from our Geography specialist...

"We have created a GCSE Geography curriculum that reflects the dynamic world pupils are living in, with up-to-date case studies and data. Geographical skills and fieldwork are woven into the articles, enabling students to practise them alongside learning the content."

Nilisha Shah

Geography Content Writer at Propello

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